JC: Art

Prints and drawings by Jessica Cadwell
"See You Later" Photo 2014.

"See You Later" Photo 2014.

"Treacherous". 2014. Etchings with chine colle (bottom 2) and a la poupee (bottom).

Titles from top to bottom “Hello”, “Blowin’”, “…”. Etchings. 2014.

"Souvenir" 2013. Distorted figures from my photographs, printed to fit in one’s palm. They are housed in a small clamshell box and kept on my windowsill with the rest of the trinkets that I’ve collected.

"The Epidermis". 2013. Set of 3 boxes with mixed media, holding an edition of 7 lithographic zines. The print was printed on standard 22x30 sheets of Rives BFK and Arches 88, then folded into a single-page format zine.

Print Object Performance. 2013. Wooden sculpture with prints made from the object, relief rolled with ink.

"Eat What You See" 2013. Artist Book with ink drawings. A book about blind consumption and indulgence.

Space. Screenprint 2014. Series of 11 (so far?) Inspired by my own dream logic and also seeing forms and colors out of darkness. Kind of like when you close your eyes really hard and your imagination makes things up, and all of it is your subconscious really shining through.

A lot of this was color experimentation as influenced by the layering of stencils, in some I tried to make the image vibrate more, in others I was trying to obscure the image, and the mood was ultimately affected by all of these choices. The rest of the prints will be posted in a couple days!

Etchings 2014. Having trouble titling these, but very referential to the body. I’m having these strange experiences of making prints in focusing less on an edition and more on how a color or an orientation can create a different print from the same image. That’s a side-effect, but I think an important element of my process nonetheless.