JC: Art

Prints and drawings by Jessica Cadwell

I’d like to officially announce that the Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection accepted one of my pieces recently! The book is titled “Private to Public”, it’s an edition of 2, is perfect bound, and contains a series of scans of my private research journal. I was curious about the effects of working in a private space knowing that it would be reproduced and viewed by the public. Most of the writing turned out to be illegible, but I included a lot of carefully selected imagery in order to give another point of admission into the book. What I found is that this book teeters entirely between completely blocking out the viewer, and desperately searching for ways to let the reader in, and that’s how working in this journal evolved. I begun working as a lone wolf, but then I had people take photos for me, or participate in photos that corresponded to the musings inside my journal, and eventually I let others read and write in my journal. My book should be searchable within the next few months in their online catalog, and I recommend for anyone to schedule an appointment to check out their amazing collection.


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